I'm not a huge fan of self-advertisement, but I believe in helping others. My hope is that people can somehow benefit from some things I learn and post to the site.

To share a little about myself:

I am a proud husband and father to two daughters and a doggie. I live in Pennsylvania in the United States. I have a MS in Information Systems and Security from Penn State University and a BS from Juniata College. I currently serve on Juniata's IT/CS Board. And, I've intermittently been an adjunct professor for both PSU and JC.

I am a Product Engineering Leader with a passion for software development, open source, and innovation. I previously worked for Acquia as a Senior Director of Engineering. In the past, I have worked in digital agencies, done some public sector work, held both leadership and development roles, and promote learning every where I go.

I am an active contributor in the Drupal community and believe in the power of open source and communities. You will routinely find me at Drupal community events, helping run SimplyTest.me as the lead, and contribute where possible.

Along with my friend Joel Pheasant, I co-founded a company called Sun Lab Media.

I love craft beer, coffee, running, and spending time with my family and friends.

Areas of interest:

  • DevOps and CI/CD
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Developer Experience
  • Product Development and Engineering