Weekend Thoughts, 9/4/21: Leading through change

Posted on Sat, 09/11/2021 - 14:05

Changes to teams, organization, structure, or process should be thoughtful and done with patience. Change can take time to materialize. Teams often don’t like change. Making changes too frequently often doesn’t allow a team to get past the storming, norming and performing phases and therefore doesn’t allow for the expected investment to be realized.

And, changes are disruptive. Changes should only be executed when it’s necessary. They shouldn’t be knee jerk or reactionary. It needs to be well thought out and planned. Slow and methodical.

Plus, we are all human. Change can be hard, even for those leading it. It can throw people off. It takes time to build trust after. People may leave or be frustrated. Looking past the human element demonstrates a lack of empathy. Good leaders lean into an opportunity to strengthen connection with those impacted. Listen with empathy. Look for opportunities to make further adjustments based on what you hear and learn.

And finally, remind those involved in changes of their value to the organization. Changes often position people to have a different, but significant impact. Explain the “why” and how that impact allows the organization to be better.