Drupal Community Care Packages

Posted on Thu, 04/30/2020 - 16:33

Our community has always meant more than just code. These last several months have been difficult to make the same kind of connection we have come to expect from things like in-person events. And, during this time, many of us are having to juggle new challenges, may have sick loved ones, face professional or financial uncertainty, and more. I’m choosing to do something about it.


I am announcing free community care packages for Drupal. I care about our community and I care about the wellbeing of all of you. I recognize this is basically nothing at a time when people are dealing with much larger issues, but I hope that even a small gesture can help to remind you that you matter.


I’m extending the concept of the coffee exchange. What will be included? One-half pound of coffee (thanks to my friends at Standing Stone for help with the coffee), some stickers, and some local chocolate (thanks to my friends at MarCia's Chocolates for suggestions and help with shipping). Shipped to your door. For free. This is my way of saying thanks and recognizing what I miss the most from our pandemic times: each of you.


For financial reasons, I need to keep this within the United States and to the first 30 participants. I will try to do more, if possible. I encourage others to steal this idea, especially for their own country or area. And, I would gladly accept donations to expand to a greater number of people.


What do you need to do? Nothing. However, I’d love to hear your story, if you are inclined to share. I’ll release people’s stories, for those who opt-in, in a series of community spotlights on my blog to help promote the kind of connection our community affords. I believe we need these types of messages to balance the difficult and challenging news we see each day.


How do you sign up? Simply fill out the form here. I’ll remove people’s personal data once the packages get sent, which will hopefully be within two weeks.

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