Weekend Thoughts, 8/28/21: Where there is chaos, there is opportunity

Posted on Wed, 09/01/2021 - 11:33

Companies are dynamic. Needs can arise on a moments notice. But these needs can present opportunities for employees to deliver when called upon. Where there is chaos, there is opportunity.

Some people shy away from this. “That’s not my job” or “why are we asked to do this” are common things I hear. What is your perspective? Is it that you can’t or shouldn’t be asked to do new things when a need is there? Or, are you prepared to be the one to help when called upon. I tell my teams that our value is based on how we show up when it’s most needed. This is, in fact, our teams identity.

People call this by different names: leaning in, showing up, stepping up, etc. For me, it’s like an extra gear in a vehicle. When I lean into opportunities, I focus, I think deeply, and I work with unprecedented urgency. I strive to understand and plan around a successful outcome. Admittedly, this may be when I’m at my best.

These are often large investments from yourself or your team that require unconventional effort and focus. I often will cancel meetings, work extra, and over-communicate with stakeholders as I learn and as the situation unfolds. But, this kind of investment should not be the norm and needs to be reserved for critical things.

After doing so, it’s best to reflect on what you learned. Take some time off to restore balance. Write a blog, get some feedback, ask what you could have done differently or better for future awareness. Because such traits not only demonstrate that you leaned in, but that you are ready once the next opportunity arises.