Our fights are not your fights

Posted on Tue, 03/08/2016 - 18:05

I'm not one to really dig my heels into politics. I find it divisive and I recently had a clear example as to why.


Earlier, I heard my doorbell ring. It was a Bill Shuster promoter walking door to door in my neighborhood. I have already grown tired of his campaign, seeing television commercials with scathing attacks on Democrats, his extreme views on health care, and the flashing images of Sarah Palin and other off-the-wall conservatives he self aligns with. I was handed a pamphlet of information and needed to look no further than the cover to set me off.


Our fights are Bill's fights


 Unequivocally, no. That lone statement demonstrates the rigid ideology that makes our political system broken.


Bill, you fundamentally misrepresent me. I can't express how tired I am of seeing career politicians that refuse to carve out middle ground and balanced approaches. You seem intent on fighting with other politicians. How does that achieve anything? Your arrogance is unelectable.


When you were young, I'm sure you observed a kid picking a fight or bullying others. You probably still look back to this day and think of them as an asshole. You certainly don't equate concepts like compromise or balance. You're too busy remembering how disrespectful and confrontational they were. It looks as if some of us have not outgrown that from their playground days.


Well Bill, I have serious doubts you demonstrate the leadership we need to represent Pennsylvanians. If your looking to pick a fight, might I suggest a new career in MMA or to start a local Fight Club? Please share pics, because I'd love to see it.